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Te Kooti o Timatanga Hou-The Court of New Beginnings

About this service

The Court of New Beginnings helps people experiencing homelessness who have been charged with minor offences.

Instead of sentencing, the court asks participants to follow a plan that treats the underlying causes of offending. The Court of New Beginnings enables participants to take responsibility for their offending and their recovery. An individualised plan is prepared for the participant to carry out during their time in the court programme. You’ll need to be committed to making positive lifestyle changes and report regularly to your allocated support worker and the court coordinator.

To be eligible you must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident with mental health issues, intellectual disability or chronic alcohol, drug addiction, be experiencing homelessness and be located in the Auckland District Court catchment area.

To participate you must have pleaded guilty or been found guilty of a crime that isn’t a serious drug offending, sexual offending or a serious offence of personal violence. If you would like to participate in the court programme, talk to your duty lawyer.

“Te Kooti o Timatanga – The Court of New Beginnings Carole Curtis and Adrienne Wing spoke passionately about their work in this court system established in 2010. It caters for homeless people with non-serious offending and looks behind the offending to focus on lifestyle and reasons for the offending. Rather than issuing fines, which they cannot pay, or jail sentences which costly and ineffective offenders are sentenced to a treatment programme. This programme brings multiple agencies together, including health services and housing, to work with the homeless person, and has been highly effective in reducing reoffending.”

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