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Salvation Army Epsom Lodge

About this service

Epsom Lodge is a safe place to start the new phase of your life, free from any influences and pressures that might affect your recovery.

Epsom Lodge employs staff qualified in counselling, social work and specialist alcohol and drug qualifications, medical staff, and provides additional in-house training to better help their clients. Each client, together with a caseworker, develops an individual plan outlining a series of achievable goals aimed at building self-confidence as well as moving them toward the lives they aspire to. Formal referral and assessment required.

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Services at this location

  • Advice
  • Advocacy
  • Residential addiction treatment
  • Healthcare
  • Counselling
  • Education programmes
  • Life skills training
  • Recovery programmes

Contact Information


18 Margot St, Epsom, Auckland 1051



Phone number(s)

09 524 0252

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