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Auckland City Mission

About this service

Auckland City Mission staff provide professional services to marginalised Aucklanders, including the homeless, elderly, families and individuals in crisis.

The Crisis Care team provide emergency food support, as well as assisting with assessments for agencies such as the Ministry of Social Development and WINZ. They also offer referrals to other service providers such as budgeting and counselling services. Auckland City Mission offer hot drinks and free dinner every day.


About this service:

The Auckland City Mission’s Homeless Outreach & Support Services (HOSS) walk the streets of Auckland several times each week, in the early hours of the morning and late in the evening, making contact with people sleeping rough.

The HOSS team also offer a case-management service and work one-on-one with individuals experiencing homelessness. The goal is to support people to have improved health and wellbeing as they move towards a more stable, secure and independent future. This support could include advocating on behalf of people with housing providers, accompanying people to meetings with external agencies and/or providing referrals to specialised services such as health and rehabilitation, counselling and support to access other Mission services. The team work with a client-centred approach and never force people to make changes or decisions they aren’t ready for.

Contact details:

Email: outreach@aucklandcitymission.org.nz



About the service:

The Auckland City Mission’s Homeless Community Drop-in centre offers hot drinks every morning and food every evening in a safe, welcoming environment where people can ask for help, re-build networks, develop social skills or simply spend time. They also distribute emergency clothing.

Contact details:

The Mission’s Community Drop-in Centre is located at 140 Hobson Street in the Auckland CBD. Hot drinks are served at 8am Mon-Fri and 10am on weekends. Meals are served at 6pm Mon-Fri and 5:30pm on weekends. For more information, ring 09 303 9200.

Cost: Free


About the service:

The Auckland City Mission offers a free activities programme for people who are experiencing – or have experienced – homelessness. These activities and workshops range from drama, photography and pottery, to carving, fishing, cooking and gardening.

Contact details:

For more information about the Activities Programme, visit the Mission’s Homeless Community Drop-in at 140 Hobson Street or ring 09 303 9200.

Cost: Free



About this service:

The Auckland City Mission Crisis Care & Community Service provides emergency food support to individuals and families in crisis, as well as helping with assessments for agencies like Housing New Zealand and WINZ. Food parcels are designed to feed a family or individual for 4 days.

If you are in need of a food parcel, you will be asked to try and provide the following information when you arrive:

  • Photo identification
  • A decline letter from WINZ showing that no special need grant is available and a breakdown of the WINZ benefit received.
  • A bank statement with at least the last transactions listed.

Contact details:

The Crisis Care & Community Service is open 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday at 140 Hobson Street. There is no need to make an appointment. Phone: 09 303 9200 for more information.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the Mission’s satellite foodbanks, located at the following sites (please note that these food banks’ hours may differ from the Mission’s):

  • Papakura Marae, 29 Hunua Road, Papakura
  • Manukau Urban Maori Authority (MUMA): 31 Calthorp Close, Mangere East
  • Clendon Park Community House (Te Whare Awhina): 60 Finlayson Road, Clendon
  • St Luke’s Church: 3 Russell Road, Manurewa

Cost: Free


About the service:

The Auckland City Mission’s Elder Service reaches out and visits people over 55 who are unable, for one reason or another, to access mainstream services and meet their basic needs.

The Mission supports older Aucklanders with:

  • Reducing their social isolation
  • Needs assessments of their living situation and care planning, including home visits
  • Food parcels, financial management and medical care
  • Access to budgeting support
  • Help to contact family or other social networks
  • Assistance in accessing suitable accommodation or retaining existing accommodation
  • Advocacy and coordination between needs assessors, clients and rest homes
  • Advanced care-planning, or access to Hospice care
  • General information

Contact details:

For more information about the Mission’s Elder service, ring 09 303 9200 or email gerard.p@aucklandcitymission.org.nz

Cost: Free


About the service:

The Auckland City Mission is working in partnership with Lifewise to develop a tailored ‘Housing First’ model for central Auckland.

‘Housing First’ is an innovative and proven approach to housing people experiencing chronic homelessness (that is, people who have lived on the streets for a year or more, or who have experienced 3 episodes of homelessness in the past 4 years). The approach is based on 5 key principles:

Housing First Key Principles

  • Immediate access to housing with no housing readiness conditions
  • Client choice and self-determination
  • Recovery orientation
  • Individualised and person-driven supports
  • Social and community integration

Work on ‘Housing First Central Auckland’ began in June, 2016 and our aim is to, along with our partners at Lifewise, successfully house 60 people by the end of 2017.

Contact details:

For more information about Central Auckland Housing First, contact [name/number/email].

Cost: Free

Services at this location

  • Free Wifi
  • Free dinner
  • Food parcels
  • Advocacy
  • Advice
  • Help with WINZ
  • Free activities

Contact Information


23 Union Street,Auckland City



Phone number(s)

09 303 9200


Hot drinks - Weekdays: 8 - 9am
Dinner weekdays: 6pm
Dinner weekends: 5pm

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