We are a group of artists continuing the conversation Metiria Turei MP started – demanding a more compassionate social welfare system. We asked artists who have been on a benefit in NZ (DPB, sickness, invalids, jobseeker, whatever) to draw a picture of themselves, and write a couple of sentences next to it about: • Their time on the welfare system, or • What they wish the welfare system was like, or • How they’ve been treated as a beneficiary Some of the artists are also available to draw other people and getting them to write a sentence or two on the topics above. We’re invested in keeping race and class at the forefront, but also recognise that it’s a pretty vulnerable thing to do – and given what happened to Metiria in 2017, these conversations can have pretty dire effects when we do share – particularly for people of colour and indigenous people.

Read the report here – WAB-Report.

If you wanna be a contributor – as an artist who has been or is on a benefit, or as a person who wants to share a few sentences about their experience and have one of our artists draw you, then please send us a message.