For over a decade and counting, Lifewise is providing community and housing services in

Auckland to address homelessness.

Now a new Lifewise service called Sustaining Tenancies aims to stop homelessness before it happens.

Funded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, this new service is for tenanted whānau who are at risk of losing their tenancies.

Sam White, Lifewise Housing First Service Leader, says, they have already got great results with our Housing First service for whānau who have long histories of street homelessness.

Now, with Sustaining Tenancies, we are pleased to be supporting more whānau who are on the verge of ending up on the street,” says Sam.

The Lifewise Sustaining Tenancies team is Becky Turner and Chris Leigh (pictured).

Becky and Chris have long experience between them working with people experiencing mental health issues, domestic violence, substance use, and homelessness.

Becky says they are really excited to be working with Lifewise, and using whānau-led values to make a real, long-term difference.

Chris and Becky work with tenanted whānau for up to twelve months, walking alongside them to identify their key needs, then working together to achieve these needs. This could include, for instance, providing referrals for accessing specialist support, employment opportunities, and providing tenant advocacy with landlords.

Examples of the team’s work so far include working with WINZ to secure rent arrears allowance, thereby preventing action to evict, and helping whānau start work with Lifewise Merge Cafe.

The service accepts referrals from any source, even self-referrals. The only conditions for referral are being aged 18 or older, living in central Auckland, willing to accept support, and living in a tenancy.

To find out more and to get a referral form, google “Lifewise Sustaining Tenancies” or call 021 913 439 or 021 917 350.