by Six

Six, the host of The K’ Road Chronicles on

Ever since Naashon Zalk, The K’ Road Chronicles, Director, proposed to me I’ve been practicing my acceptance speech.

“I’d like to thank Dark Lord Vader, Mum, my producers and obviously revered members of the Academy.

The unholy union between independent idealistic print, mass media and web is now available to view at

Meet some of my friends and whanau living at large. Listen to stories about street life from the people who live and die on this infamous road.

It’s raw. It’s gritty. It’s colourful and diverse.

It’s also heartwarming and is a testament to the people brave enough to share their experiences in an open, honest and sometimes brutal way.

It is a story of hope and courage, despair and disparity.

I’d like to thank Commissioning Editor, Carol Hirshfield, mainly because I’m contractually obliged and honestly for providing a platform for the street community to be heard in a larger court.

Brian Holland, Executive Producer, Top Shelf, says he has long wanted to do a show about being homeless.

“We had the rights to a BBC production called Filthy, Rich and Homeless. That program really changed the way I view homelessness. I was sympathetic but I opened my eyes a lot more,” says Brian.

The K’ Road Chronicles is an eight part web series Directed by Naashon Zalk. Each episode includes a personal account of street survival and living life in the low lane.

Naashon says he wanted to make the series because, despite so much being said in the media about homelessness, there was very little being said by the homeless.

“I wanted to find a way to give power back to the homeless in a way that is respectful, yet doesn’t gloss over the harsh facts of how they came to live on the street,” says Naashon.

I’d also like to thank Naashon’s daughter Noa, because she missed out on the school Disco because Dad was working late.

All the families and whanau who supported this project need their own pat on the back but there are too many to mention. How many? Too many.

The K’ Road Chronicles is produced by Top Shelf Productions with funding from New Zealand on Air.

The K’ Road Chronicle is a not for profit paper for the homeless, by the homeless. It is funded by skullduggery, sponsorship and a pinch of subterfuge.

And thank you, who read this far.